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For those that don't already know or are interested I am including a short bio.  
It goes something like this:

I was born.
I grew up in numerous places such as Washington State, Arizona, California,  
Alaska, and Taiwan because Dad was in the Air Force.
I joined the Navy in 1977.
I was stationed in California, Maryland, Maine, and Washington,  have been to
over 25 countries and completely around the world.
I amassed over 5000 flight hours locating, localizing, and tracking submarines
from the world's premier ASW aircraft, the P-3 Orion
Retired from the Navy in 1997.
Moved back to Maryland.
Worked for the Navy Exchange (Navy shopping center) filling vending
machines for two years.
Dove for oysters for two winters
Found my current job working for BAE Systems,N.A.  building copper and
fiber-optic cables for the communication suite on board the Navy's Aegis class

For hobbies I do a little bit of a lot of stuff including:
Photography               Woodworking
Beadwork                   Painting
Silverworking              Bonsai
Archery                      Wooden Bow Building
Woodturning               Computer Graphics
Drawing                      Polymer Clay
Arrowmaking              Textile Art (silk screening)
Jewelry                       Hunting
Glass Fusing                Lapidary
Glass Bead making

Well, That's pretty much me.  Browse around and see some of the stuff I have
done and created.  Feel free to drop me a line
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