Elk Camp 2007

Late September it was, with me winging through the sky
Off to Idaho to give the sport of elk hunting another try
This time my bow stayed with me, no it was not lost
But the damned airlines added a hundred bucks to the cost!

Ten hours and several planes later I was on the ground
Gathering my stuff, hopping in the car, we were elk camp bound
As I was sharpening my heads with paper of different size grains
Don, Wes, and Jack though somewhere on the trip I had lost my brains.

Those Wensel Woodsman's, sitting there all shiny and new
Weren't worth a damn if they weren't scary sharp as they flew.
So I sat there sharpening until late into the night
Looking at those broad heads sure gave me a fright

With reminiscing and sharpening we had a late start on day one
But Jack dragged us up and down steep mountains and called it fun
That night we stayed on the mountain and again it was cold
but I wasn't freezing my ass off, using Don's bag that I stoled

The night was peaceful with no wolf or coyote calls
Thankfully the dog was home so there was no licking of balls
Day two began a bit late but we jumped on the 4 wheeler bike
And shot up the mountain which saved us a hike.

The mountains are bright and beautiful this late in the fall
but we managed to find a good place from which to call
We got set up and Jack began wheezing, mewing, and bleating
When I told Debbie about it she said we were cheating.

Far across the valley we heard an answering call
everyone was excited, get ready now, stay on the ball
What was that? A look through the bino's, what did I see?
Hot Damn! It's a bull elk headed straight for me

Down the mountain he trotted and up the road
Looking for the ladies, bugling as he strode
Not knowing he should take a fright
from that fat Marylander hiding out of sight

I saw his antlers coming through the trees
How could he not hear the knocking of my knees?
I got my bow up and looked through the brush
praying to God to calm this adreniline rush.

That I would miss was my biggest fear
but I quelled that thought as he drew near
As he moved majestically past my hide
I picked out a hair on his massive brown side.

Time seemed to slow for a bit that day
with a low snap the arrow was on it's way
Sent from a traditional bow I had made with pride
The white fletching appeared like a golf ball on his side.

As the elk disappeared into the brush
Jack came leaping and careening in a rush
We danced and laugh and I almost cried
After finding the elk we said a prayer where he died.

Many more elk we saw, but no more died.
Don and Wes shot like they were cross-eyed
Two days into my trip I was in seveth hea
I had gotten my elk during Elk Camp 2007!!!