Archery has become a hobby for me and a means of extending my hunting season.  Because of the
high price of compound bows I got the bright idea that I could build my own bow.  So off to the
library I went.  There I found a set of books called "The Bowyer's Bibles", a three volume set that
gives a history of primitive (traditional) archery and takes you step by step through every thing a
person needs to craft their own "traditional" bow.  Traditional does not necessarily mean low tech,
ineffective, inaccurate, or cheap!  Traditional bows can and do come in a wide variety, from self
bows, made from a stave cut from a tree, to recurve and "flight" bows using the very latest in space
age materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass.
The bows found here were built using information from the Bowyer's bibles and The Leatherwall, a
traditional archery forum found on the WWW.