This drawing was done in pencil one
night in July, 1990 while standing
watch in the duty office at NAS
Sigonella, Sicily while I was in the
Navy.  It started off as just a doodle.  
The keystone of the bridge was the
first part drawn and I just sort of filled
in the rest.  You can see the writing
from the other side of the paper
showing in the scan.  It is the design I
used in my scratchboard.
If memory serves me correctly, this
was drawn while on deployment to
NAS Keflavik, Iceland about 1991 or
Again, it started out as just a doodle.  
The mailbox if you look closely looks
like it is drawn in a slightly different
style.  That is because I added it later
and my muse had done packed up and
flew back to the States.  My muses are
fickle like that, coming and going at the
most inopportune times.
This guy is a modified computer
graphic that I altered to make him look
like a scuba diver.  I put it on my
business cards while I was diving for
This is my "alter ego" Cacman.  I drew
him for the first time back in the early
(Combat Air Crew MAN)