This is a very nice buck I killed in December of 2000.  I had just
gotten off work and drove to my hunting site.  While getting my black
powder rifle(seen in the photo) ready to shoot I found that the
hammer would not stay cocked.  Well, I went out anyway.  I was
dozing when I heard what I thought was a squirrel I had heard earlier
returning.  I opened my eyes to make sure and this bruiser stepped
into an opening and stopped about 25 yards away.  I thumbed back
the hammer but being left-handed I could not see the sights.  I held
the gun out in front of me where I could see the sights and dropped
my thumb off the hammer.  The deer spun around and disappeared.  
After waiting a few minutes I went to look and found him still in his
This is my son Wade's first deer.  He would rather
hunt squirrels than deer.  I think that is because he can
move around hunting squirrels but not when hunting
deer, at least not as fast as he wants to move.  He shot
this deer during the youth hunt in November of 2000.  
He was VERY happy!  Mostly because up until that
time Dad had only killed spike bucks and does.  This
deer was far bigger than anything that Dad had gotten
Unfortunately it didn't last more than a couple of
weeks.  See the picture below this one and you will
understand why.  I didn't do it on purpose!, Really I
This is my first archery deer and also the first
deer I've taken with my homemade bow.  She's
not very big but she's a "purty" little thing!!!  I
shot her @ 15 yards from a treestand.
The bow pulls 52# @ 28" .  The arrow is cedar
tipped with a Zwicky Eskimo broadhead.  I got a
complete pass through.

I have to thank Steve Fowler(R.I.P.)for  letting
me have a place to Hunt.
I have to Thank Paul Kloster of Anchorage, AK
for sending me the bamboo and for all the help
making the bow.