Main Entry: 1lap·i·dary
                                    Pronunciation: \ˈla-pə-ˌder-ē\
                                    Function: noun
                                    Inflected Form(s): plural lap·i·dar·ies
                                    Date: 14th century

                                    1 : a cutter, polisher, or engraver of precious stones
                                         usually other than diamonds
                                    2 : the art of cutting gems

I got interested in Lapidary as a result of my silver work.  It seemed that stones other than the standard fare of
black onyx, dyed agate, and turquoise were very hard, if not impossible, to find.  As a result I started doing
some research and found that it probably wouldn't be too hard for me to do with a minimum of cash outlay and
some ingenuity. I was surprised at how fast a nice cabochon could be cut.
Morrisonite Jasper
Unknown Stone