A little boy stood crying on the corner
I walked up and asked what was wrong.
His little face looked up in sadness,
Said Mister, I'm cold and alone.

I asked him where was Mommy and Daddy?
He shook his little head while he cried.
He said Mommy went away and she left me,
just after Daddy had died.

I've been out looking for my Mommy
Mister, I can't find her anywhere.
Please Mister won't you help me find my mommy
I'm all alone and I'm scared.

Well, I picked him up and I told him not to worry
That I would take good care of him.
As I walked along he put his head on my
and soon closed his eyes in peaceful sleep.
Little Boy
As I walked up the dusty road this morning
the first time in many a year.
I recall my childhood
and this is what I could hear.

There was Momma
in the kitchen cooking dinner
her voice was ringing so clear.
Singing for anyone would listen
Singing Sweet Hour of Prayer.

Lord knows I'm going to miss her
there's only memories to hear.
Momma's gone on to heaven
to sing in God's Heavenly Choir.

(Repeat Chorus)
Momma's Song
Dad was a self-taught guitar player who had several bands
during his younger years.  He also wrote several original
songs, two of which are shown below.
He was also a disk jockey for the Armed Forces Radio System
(AFRS) while he was stationed in Taiwan.
All lyrics are copyrighted by Wade Harkins and may not be
used without permission.