In Memorium
Wade Harkins
Jan 4, 1936 - Nov 10,2001
Dad was a man of varied and changing interests.  He loved to
be outdoors and taught my brother and I to hunt and fish
when we were quite young.  As he grew older he stopped
hunting almost completely but continued to fish until just prior
to his death.

Born in Mountville, SC, he was raised in both South Carolina
and Georgia.  As a young man he joined the Air Force and
did tours in Korea, and Taiwan.  He was stationed in Alaska
while it was still a territory.  After returning to the States he
met my mother Vonnie and married her soon after.  They
were stationed in Taiwan shortly after I was born and while
there my sister was born.  Several years later after their
return to the States my brother was born.  
We were then stationed in Glenallen, Alaska where Dad
repaired and maintained the telephone system for most of the
State.  .  After several tours in Alaska, Dad was transferred to
George AFB in Southern California.  When Dad's enlistment
was up he decided to leave the Air Force.  He got a job with
RCA in the same town in Alaska we had left 10 months
before.  We left George AFB within hours of Dad's release
from duty.  The next several years brought new companies
and towns as his employers were bought out by other
companies.  We moved from Glenallen to Delta Junction and
finally to North Pole , AK.  We spent twelve years in Alaska.
We then moved to South Carolina because of the poor health
of Dad's parents.  We moved to three different town in South
Carolina due to transfers, spending a total of four years in
South Carolina.
Dad was then transferred to Show Low, AZ where they spent
several years before being transferred to Homedale, ID.  Dad,
then working for Continental Telephone.
Dad again was in a pretty good place for an outdoorsman.  
The Snake River was just down the street with it's great small
mouth bass fishing.  Mom and Dad continued to live in
Homedale until they decided to split up and eventually got
divorced after nearly 30 some years of marriage.  
Dad then split his time between Homedale and Caballo New
Mexico.  This lasted about 10 years until he fell ill.  He
returned to Homedale, reconciled with my mother, and was
diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma or advanced skin
cancer.  He remarried my mother and died in his sleep on
November 10, 2001.
In accordance with his wish his remains were cremated and
placed in his beloved Snake River.
Song Lyrics by Wade
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