Ode to Elk Camp 2010

Early in the Spring of two thousand and ten
The itch to go elk hunting came over me again.
Late September came and off I flew
Off to Central Idaho to meet the crew.

Don, John,  Kilby, Caid, Julio, Daryl, and Wes,
Brenda and Donna whose cooking was the best.
All those little kids running around with a scream
As we camped near a clear tumbling mountain stream.

Elk Camp 2010 was a sight to behold!
Tents with wood stoves, no need to be cold!
You know I really don't mean to be crass
but there was no reason for me to freeze my ass.

We had the Taj MaHarkins and the Palace de Barnard
To keep the damned mutts off my cot I had to be on guard.
There was a horse trailer for cooking and a wall tents for our abode
there were TV's, DVD's, a really nice shitter and ATV's which we rode.

Over dusty roads filled with Kelly Cuts,
those humps in the road which hammered our butts.
You know those rides on the trail nearly beat me to death
with Don driving the ATV like a raging monster on meth.

Then it was hike up mountains that were really steep
striding over trails that would surely kill mountain sheep.
We tried to find those huge gnarly bulls of our dreams
but only managed cows and bulls with single beams.

Then with no elk for at least a week
We found another place to go take a peak.
Down in the valley we heard a huge scream
from a bull of the size of which you can only dream.
Off we went with our hearts pounding and hammerin'
down to where the bulls were screaming and yammerin'
We listened to the cows mewing and those bulls a growling
while we ran up and down the valley with our faces scowling.

We chased those elk throughout the day
but could we call in a bull?  No frickin' way!
We saw a black bear and several grouse
and a satellite bull with a rack like a house.

Elk Camp 2010 was awesome as God only knows
Jack, Don and I found a cow and shot her full of holes.
Don called in and shot a cow and Wesley a spike
All I did was miss a bull, kill a tree, and take a frickin' hike.