Cherry Yamadori
Blasted Trunk
Collected Spring 2007
Spring 2007

I collected this unidentified tree from the top edge of a small/tiny cliff edge. The soil had been eroded from underneath
it. The grass was the only thing holding any dirt around it. There was one major root about the size of my thumb going
horizontally back into the cliff which I had to cut to get it out.  There were not a whole lot of feeder roots left from the
erosion. I planted it in an old cat litter tub in 100% Turface and let it sit to grow feeder roots. I then cut back the large
root and let it grow on. The base has a rotted area that was below the original soil level that I have left exposed. You can
see it as the dark area on the bottom of the trunk.

August 2007

                                     August 5, 2007                                                    August 23, 2007

The Tree grew strongly for the rest of the summer.  I let it grow without any trimming and fed and watered heavily.

August 2007

                                                                              August 31, 2007

In late August, with the tree growing well,  I decided to do a trunk chop.  The main trunk had added enough girth that I
felt it was time.  The tree was left alone except for water and fertilizer for the rest of the year.

March 2008

Since this tree was planted in pure Turface it was simply a matter of turning the bucket on it's side and carefully
knocking the soil out. This tree had almost no roots on it when I potted it up last spring. I was pleasantly surprised at
what I found upon getting it out of the pot. There were fine feeder roots everywhere!!

Since I was wanting to shorten the large roots that the tree had while growing wild I took it into the basement and used
my dusty trusty band saw to zip them off (much quicker and easier than the folding saw I was trying to use). I cut the big
roots back about 50% That still left me with more feeder roots than it had for the first pot up.

I then scooped the Turface back into the bucket and put down a tile then potted the tree on top of the tile and finished
filling it back up. The tree now sits more upright than it did the last time. I think it might even be an improvement.

March 2009

In early March I again unpotted the tree to see what I had for root growth and to cut back the large roots even further.  
The roots had again completely colonized the Cat litter bucket I had the tree planted in.  I trimmed the roots and the top
and repotted the tree into a pond basket.  The tree grew well for the rest of the year with only occasional pruning and

July 2010

During the winter of 2009 I lost the main branch on the right side.  Another branch has grown of the back side of the tree
in about the same spot.  Next year I plan to chop it back and try to get another branch going off to the right for my first