These bowls were turned on the lathe.
The white bowl is soapstone. The tall one
is a weedpot turned from cherry burl (the
knobby growths on the sides of trees)
and the bowl on the right is turned from
black locust.
This box is made from scrap wood.  I
found the figured walnut used for the lid
in a scrap bin at the woodshop on the
local Navy base.  The bottom is an
unknown wood reclaimed from a drawer
while the sides is rosewood from a scrap
bin at a lumber store.  It sold for $20.00!
This tiny jar is turned from redwood
reclaimed from an old picnic table.  It is
only about 1.5" in dia.
These little fetish bears are made from
(front to back) Coral , Rosewood, and
Maple.  The largest is about 1" long