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These guys were done
completely on the computer.  I
usually draw things with a
pencil, scan them and "trace"
them in my computer drawing
Inverse Synthetic Aperature
A private joke kinda thing
Village Idiot
This is an oil painting I did about 1989 or so.  
It now hangs in my mother's home.
This water scene was a sketch I
did as a study for a watercolor
that I never did.
In October of 2010 The Calvert Artist
Guild held a workshop with Carmelo
Ciancio, a well known scratchboard
artist.  Carmelo is a local artist and a
member of the Guild.
This bridge scene is my second
scratchboard work, the first being
partially completed during the workshop.
Scratchboard is a thin cardboard type
backing covered with a white clay.  It is
then sprayed with black India ink.  The
artist uses various tools to scratch away
the black ink layer, exposing the white
clay underneath.  Extreme detail is
possible with this medium.
This particular piece was done with an
X-Acto blade and a wire brush.
This purple painting was done while I was in
Maine, about 1989 or 1990.  I don't really
know what I was trying to do with the tree on
the right.  A friend has/had this one.