I rescued this tree from the local
nursery in May of 2007.  It had been
slowly declining for several years.  It
was originally priced at $500.  I got the
tree for $125.
The original soil was compacted and
had algae, mold, and slime in it.
After getting it home I did an
emergency repot into a free draining
inorganic soil additive (Turface) mixed
with pine bark mulch and sifted
chopped oak leaves. .
Willow Leaf Fig
(Ficus Salicifolia)
As you can see, the tree has recovered
nicely and leafed out. The small
clusters of leaves on the trunk and
aerial roots are all new growth.
The next challenge is to get it to survive
in my woodstove heated house over
this coming winter.
It survived the winter and here it is
summer of 2008