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This bowl is turned from redwood burl.  
I turned it for another co-worker.
No, That co-worker is not my fiancee!!!
This bowl was turned from the scraps
from a plaque making business.  They
would normally burn these.  I saved a
few and glued them together and turned
The top and bottom is walnut and the
center rings are cherry.
This walnut bowl is turned from logs that
were left along the side of the highway.
This is a jar I turned from Black Locust.  
The jar is turned with the end grain while
the lid is turned cross grain.  The bear
fetish is Rosewood.
Hand Carved Wooden Spoon 9.5" L.
This was carved from scrap walnut  I obtained from a
plaque making business here in Maryland.

It won Third Place in the Wood Category at the 2011
Calvert Artist Guild Awards Show!!